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how to add more sliders anyhelp please
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

can the animation be modified with the fade effect? that only the next one appears softly and then the text?
Bootstrap Carousel with text

Hi, I want this slider to be able to drag and see what code I should add
Colourful Tabbed Slider Carousel

I am a complete novice and my Carousel moves faster for some reason and all I did was copy and paste the code. How can I slow it down? Also, how would I go about adding left and right arrows to each end of the slide?
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

in above example slider is not working and only 4 columns are appearing in a row other columns appeared to be in another row....can anyone please resolve that problem.
Carousel Product Cart Slider

Problem solved: I had to change the Overlay z-index to 0 to make it work.
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

Nevermind it has to be some kind of conflict on my code. When I didn't put an external link in the code for the DEMO, it worked fine. On my project, however, it is not working at all. <a href="services/fabrication-services.html" ><button class="btn btn-hero btn-lg" role="button"> Read More</button> </a> takes you nowhere. I don't even get a cursor when I hover over the button.
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

I can't seem to get the button to take me anywhere. I tried adding href tags around the text, around the button tags, etc. No go. I tried both within the Bootsnipp demo html code as well as on my own project.
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

you can tray change this classes: .fade-carousel { position: relative; height: "your height"; }.fade-carousel .carousel-inner .item { height: "your height"; }.fade-carousel .slides .slide-1, .fade-carousel .slides .slide-2, .fade-carousel .slides .slide-3 { height: "your height"; background-size: cover; background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; }
Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

Don't forget to upgrade this code to Bootstrap 4.Carousel controls is not working!class="left carousel-control" needs to be "class="carousel-control-prev"" now.ANDclass="right carousel-control" needs to be "class="carousel-control-next"" now.
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